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Best Staging Companies In Columbus, Ohio

Showcase Your Listing with Professional Staging

Using a professional staging company can offer several benefits when preparing a property for sale or rental. Here are some reasons to consider hiring a professional staging company:

  1. Enhanced Visual Appeal: Staging professionals have a keen eye for design and can strategically arrange furniture and decor to showcase the property's best features.

  2. Maximized Space: Stagers are skilled at optimizing the use of space, making rooms look more spacious and functional. Everyday homes benefit the most from professional staging.

  3. Neutralization of Décor: Professional stagers can depersonalize a property by removing personal items and decorating in a neutral and universally appealing manner. Some staging is better than no staging. Local stagers can use what you have or provide decorations to make the property come alive.

  4. Highlighting Key Features: Staging companies know how to draw attention to a property's unique and desirable features. Whether it's a beautiful fireplace, high ceilings, or a stunning view, staging can emphasize these aspects.

  5. Photography and Online Presence: Staged homes often photograph better, which is crucial in today's real estate market where many potential buyers begin their search online. Professional staging can enhance the property's online presence and attract more interest.

  6. Faster Sales or Rentals: The investment in professional staging can pay off by reducing the time a property spends on the market.

  7. Increased Perceived Value: A professionally staged home can create a perception of higher value. It can be difficult to make a space interesting when there is nothing in it even when it's remodeled.

  8. Expertise in Design Trends: Staging professionals stay up-to-date on current design trends and buyer preferences. This ensures that the property is presented in a way that appeals to the target market.

  9. Cost-Effective Updates: Instead of major renovations, staging can often achieve a fresh and updated look through cost-effective means.

  10. Objective Perspective: Staging professionals bring an objective viewpoint to the process. They can identify and address potential issues or drawbacks in a property, ensuring it is presented in the best possible light.

Top 3 Staging Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Here is a list of our top 3 favorite stagers that we have worked with locally.

Mission Design Co

Mission Design has a philosophy that says every home should tell a story that is a reflection of yourself. Mission Design prides themself on designing unique, stylish, functional and inviting interiors from start to finish. Mission Design states it's their job to think of every detail, whether it's for a home, commercial space, or home staging.

Their staging looks incredible at builders home, an airbnb and everyday homes for sale. You will not find two spaces that look the same when looking at their portfolio.

SB Home @sbhomestagingdesign

SB Home will make your house, the Buyers home. The spaces they stage create, evoke warmth, harmony, and luxurious feel. You will find high end products in all of their spaces that complete the home.

C&B Staging and Redesign @cb_staging

Professional Staging does not just last during an active selling season, but rather are they invaluable tools that bring life into vacant spaces. C&B Staging can accentuate occupied spaces to show potential buyers these are the homes they have to have. Their colors showcase the vibe throughout the entire home

Ready to talk to a team of pros about your real estate needs? Get in touch with Ohio Real Estate Media today.

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